Related Projects

Project TitleMain contributionLOCUS advances
A hybrid vehicular platform for sensor fusion and highly accurate localization.LOCUS will seamlessly take the concept of hybrid localization and sensor fusion to any mobile platform, not just vehicular contexts.
H2020 5G-PPP Flex5Gware

Highly reconfigurable hardware and HW-agnostic SW platforms, including location awareness for context-dependent networking.LOCUS will provide accurate location information not only as a tool for optimized networking, but rather as a holistic operator-managed service for any vertical applications.
A location tracking-capable UWB platform for high- and low-data rate communications.Whereas EUWB counted on an ad hoc platform, LOCUS will provide location-tracking capabilities by exploiting future 5G networks.
A cheap indoor WSN for detection, identification and tracking.LOCUS will re-use the concept of fusion of cooperating microsystems but will apply it in general scenarios, including outdoor ones.
A Location-as-a-Service based on WiFi, cellular and Galileo signals, with APIs and clients for developers.The LOCUS system will encompass any technology available to achieve accurate user localization; technology fusion will happen automatically and seamlessly.
Other H2020 GNSS projects
Galileo and other GNSS technologies have been used to propose efficient and accurate localization services.LOCUS will not rely on GNSS signals that –despite common thinking– are not so widely available for indoor and dense urban scenarios.
H2020 EASME Nav4IIndoor localization technology with accuracy of 1 m . LOCUS will demonstrate the achievement of sub-meter accuracy not only indoor.
H2020 i-Locate
An open data-based solution for indoor navigation for public health, private and public services.LOCUS is focused not just on providing open data (e.g., maps) in indoor environments, but rather on a complete solution for localization that optimally exploits diverse technologies.
A standardized design for cloud platform systems to incorporate localization and tracking.LOCUS will focus specifically on the standardization and specs definition of a localization-enabled CPS platform.
A benchmarking system to choose the best technology and setup that provides accurate indoor localization.LOCUS will approach the localization problem holistically, both by fusing technologies and by automatically choosing the best and available technologies in an optimal way.
A personal navigation device relying on GNSS and UWB technologies.LOCUS will be able to exploit any technology available in the environment and on the device, optimally and with no need for user interaction.
E2E-aware Optimizations and advancements for the Network Edge of 5G new radioLOCUS will be able to enhance optimization techniques with the inclusion of highly precise localization info
COGNET focuses on applying Machine Learning to resource management, QoS assurance and network planning LOCUS will improve the project by applying network management indoors and by including new ML techniques using other location sources.
Advanced next-generation heterogeneous mobile network management platform with indoor user localizationLOCUS will improve the proposed solutions by including new NR techniques for localization combined (with ML processing) with other location sources
ICT17, 18 and 19 projects and Pilotos de Tecnología 5GProjects aim to provide and support and validate 5G services in several scenariosLOCUS may cooperate with such projects to use their trials and bring improvements in terms of positioning solutions, enabling new prospects