WPs Description

We have seven Work Packages:

    • WP1: Project Management, led by CNIT
    • WP2: Use cases, Requirements, Security, System Architecture: with the important added aim of addressing security and privacy issues. The WP is led by INCELLIGENT
    • WP3: Localization Enablers, led by SAMSUNG
      – first task = cellular-based localization functionality, led by Samsung
      – second task = integrate the cellular localization with other localization technologies, led by IMDEA
      – third task = solutions to sense and track not only terminals/devices but also passive targets, led by CNIT
    • WP4: Localization & Analytics for Smart Network Management: improving functions such as radio network planning and monitoring, radio network optimization and radio resource allocation. Led by ORANGE
    • WP5: Localization & Analytics for New Services: exploit localization data to define exemplary applications and services, led by IBM
    • WP6: Proof of Concept and Demonstrators: led by Ericsson
    • WP7: Communication, Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation, led by CNIT
      – Communication and Dissemination activities led by CNIT
      – Standardization and open source contributions led by Samsung
      – Innovation and Exploitation led by Ericsson