Samsung Electronics is the world’s highest selling mobile device company, number one in global and European smart phone sales, and only second in the World R&D investment ranking according to the EU’s 2013 scoreboard. Samsung is at the forefront of global research, and innovation of 5G device and network infrastructure technologies, including leading the 5G standardization activities.

Samsung Research Institute in UK (SAMS) is Samsung Electronics’ European Centre of Excellence in R&D. It was established in 1996 in the UK. SAMS is part of Samsung’s global R&D network, tasked with research in advanced technologies for mobile terminals, network, services and application for smart phones and other emerging terminal devices, and mobile communications and broadcasting industry standards. SAMS has a strong tradition of investing in collaborative EU research with industry, universities and SMEs across Europe.

SAMS is a member of the 5G Infrastructure Association as well as member and chairman of the 5GPPP Steering Board. Samsung has also been very actively involved in 5G collaborative projects.

Profile of key persons:

  • Mythri Hunukumbure (male) is a Principal Research Engineer at Samsung Electronics R&D Institute UK. In an industry career spanning over 12 years, he has contributed to and later led mobile communication research, standardisation and product development activities. Prior to joining Samsung UK, he was with Fujitsu Europe and a highlight of his career there was the design and development of interference cancellation features for the Fujitsu LTE Femto BS. While at Samsung, he has contributed to flagship EU projects mmMAGIC and the current ONE5G as work package leader. Also he is actively contributing to 3GPP RAN1 standardisation topics, securing vital IPR. His current research activities involve looking at novel 5G deployment models for emergency services and he has contributed to further the developing Emergency Services Network (ESN) discussions in UK. He has secured around 35 patents and has also published extensively in leading IEEE conferences and journals, receiving best paper award at the World Telecommunications Congress (WTC) in 2012.
  • Tomasz Mach (male) holds PhD degree in mobile communications from the University of Surrey UK with 17+ years of experience in various technical and leadership roles in the wireless industry. Those include 3G protocol software development, 4G small cells and SON architecture and systems engineering, technical marketing and pre-sales, research and mobile communications standards development including his work in 3GPP Radio Access Network, ETSI Intelligent Transport Systems and 5G Automotive Association groups. Before joining Samsung R&D Institute UK  in 2015, he worked at Orange, Motorola, Thales, Nokia, Blackberry and Cisco. Recently, he contributed to and coordinated various EU funded international 5G R&D projects. He is a co-author of ‘5G System Design: Architectural and Functional Considerations and Long Term Research’ book and also authored many patent applications, standards contributions and research papers. Among others, his current interest include cooperative intelligent transport systems, V2X and 5G connected and autonomous car communications.