The table below provides a list of the deliverables of the LOCUS project. Public deliverables can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

Deliverable (number)Deliverable nameWP number Lead particip. (Editor)TypeDissemination levelDelivery date (Month)
D1.1Project Management ManualWP1CNITRCOD=2
D1.2, D1.3Project Vision and Roadmap, preliminary and final versionWP1CNITRPUD=15, 36
D2.1, D2.6 Scenarios, Use Cases, Requirements preliminary and final versionWP2ORARPUD=6, 16
D2.2, D2.3Security and Privacy, preliminary and final versionWP2CNITRPUD=8, 18
D2.4, D2.5System Architecture, preliminary and final versionWP2INCER/OTHERPUD=9, 21
D3.1, D3.2, D3.7 5G-based localization solutions, preliminary, intermediate, and final versionWP3SAMSRCOD=11, 19, 30
D3.3, D3.4Integrated localization technologies, preliminary and final versionWP3IMDEARCOD=12, 24
D3.5, D3.6, D3.8 Integration with Device-Free Localization, preliminary, intermediate, and final versionWP3CNITRCOD=10, 19, 29
D4.1, D4.2, D4.5 Localization & Analytics for Smart Network Management, preliminary, intermediate, and final versionWP4UMA/ORARCOD=11, 24, 33
D4.3, D4.4Implementation of the Virtualization platform for network control and management, preliminary and final versionWP4NXWRPUD=17, 30
D5.1, D5.2Design and implementation of virtualization technologies and pattern recognition mechanisms for physical analytics, preliminary and final versionWP5IBMRPUD=14, 26
D5.3Design of the localization & analytics as a service solutionWP5VIAVIRPUD=18
D5.4Prototype of the localization & analytics as a service solutionWP5NXWR/OTHERPUD=33
D6.1Detailed requirements from scenarios and application specificationWP6TEIRPUD=20
D6.2Network management, network-assisted self-driving, people mobility and flow monitoring applications, integrated with geolocation mechanisms WP6INCER/DEMPUD=28
D6.3Assessment of applications integrated with geolocation mechanisms WP6VIAVIRPUD=36
D7.1Communication and Dissemination PlanWP7CNITRPUD=3, 14
D7.2, D7.3, D7.4Report on Communication, Dissemination Actions, Standardization and Open Source Contributions: v1, v2 and v3WP7CNITRPUD=15, 23, 36
D7.5, D7.6, D7.7Report on Innovation and Exploitation Plan and Actions: v1, v2 and v3WP7EABRPUD=15, 23, 36
D8.1, D8.2, D8.3, D8.4, D8.5, D8.6, D8.7, D8.8POPD - Requirement from No. 2 to No. 9, as requested in the Ethics Summary ReportWP1CNITRCOD=3