The table below provides a list of the deliverables of the LOCUS project. Public deliverables can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

NumberDeliverable nameWP number Lead particip. (Editor)TypeDissemination levelDelivery date (Month)
D1.1Project Management ManualWP1CNITRCOD=2
D1.2, D1.3Project Vision and Roadmap, preliminary and final versionWP1CNITRPUD=12, 24
D2.1Scenarios, Use Cases, RequirementsWP2ORARPUD=6
D2.2, D2.3Security and Privacy, preliminary and final versionWP2CNITRPUD=8,19
D2.4, D2.5System Architecture, preliminary and final versionWP2INCER/OTHERPUD=9,20
D3.1, D3.25G-based localization solutions, preliminary and final versionWP3SAMSRCOD=11,22
D3.3, D3.4Integrated localization technologies, preliminary and final versionWP3IMDEARCOD=12,24
D3.5, D3.6Integration with Device-Free Localization, preliminary and final versionWP3CNITRCOD=10,21
D4.1, D4.2Design of the Localization & Analytics for Smart Network Management, preliminary and final versionWP4UMA/ORARCOD=11, 23
D4.3, D4.4Implementation of the Virtualization platform for network control and management, preliminary and final versionWP4NXWRPUD=14,24
D5.1, D5.2Design and implementation of virtualization technologies and pattern recognition mechanisms for physical analytics, preliminary and final versionWP5IBMRPUD=13,26
D5.3Design of the localization & analytics as a service solutionWP5VIAVIRPUD=15
D5.4Prototype of the localization & analytics as a service solutionWP5NXWR/OTHERPUD=27
D6.1Detailed requirements from scenarios and application specificationWP6TEIRPUD=20
D6.2Network management, network-assisted self-driving, people mobility and flow monitoring applications, integrated with geolocation mechanisms WP6INCER/DEMPUD=28
D6.3Assessment of applications integrated with geolocation mechanisms WP6VIAVIRPUD=30
D7.1Communication and Dissemination PlanWP7CNITRPUD=3
D7.2, D7.3, D7.4Report on Communication, Dissemination Actions, Standardization and Open Source Contributions: v1, v2 and v3WP7CNITRPUD=12,20,30
D7.5, D7.6, D7.7Report on Innovation and Exploitation Plan and Actions: v1, v2 and v3WP7EABRPUD=12,20,30