Dissemination – Exhibitions, Fairs, Workshops and Other Conferences

LOCUS Exhibition, Fair, Congress, WorkshopPartner Involved/ProposerName of the activityType of activityLocationDate
IEEE Milcom 2019CNITPositioning, Navigation, and Timing for Information Superiority: From Foundation to OperationTutorialNorfolk, VA, USANovember 12, 2019
3rd High Frequency Technologies for 5G WorkshopCNITLocalization of ThingsInvited TalkMilan, ItalyNovember 18, 2019
5G ItalySAMSSmart transport: smart mobility and autonomous drivingDisseminationRomeDec-19
5G ItalyTEISynchronization and Positioning: Critical functions for 5G; Empowering OTT technologiesDissemination and Technical SponsorRomeDec-19
Ph.D Course at the University of FlorenceCNITLocalization of ThingsPh.D. CourseFlorenceJan-20
5GFORUMUMAH2020 LOCUS Project: Localization and Data Analytics in 5G SystemsDisseminationMálaga, SpainMay 6-7, 2020
IEEE ICC 2020 WorkshopCNITAdvances on Network Localization and NavigationOrganizerDublinJune 7, 2020
IEEE ICC 2020CNITLocalization-of-Things: from Foundation to OperationTutorialDublin, IrelandJune 11, 2020
IEEE ICC 2020CNITIndoor Clutter Characterization for UWB Sensor Radar NetworksDisseminationDublin, IrelandJune 11, 2020
IEEE EUCNC 2020CNIT, IMDEA, UMA, INCE, NEC, SAMS, NXWLOCUS: Localization and analytics on-demand embedded in the 5G ecosystemDisseminationDubrovnik, CroatiaJune 16, 2020
IEEE – MEDCOMNET 2020IMDEABeam search strategy for millimetre wave networks with out-of-band input dataJune 17, 2020
ISIF International Conference on Information FusionCNITLocalization-of-Things: Foundations and Data FusionTutorialSun City, South AfricaJuly 6, 2020
IEEE WOWMOM 2020IMDEALSTM-based GNSS spoofing detection using low-cost spectrum sensorsAugust 31, 2020
ITSF 2020CNIT/TEISynchronization and Positioning: 5G Critical Functions Supporting Various ApplicationsDisseminationVirtual3-5 November 2020
21st Infocom World 2019, «Economy 4.0: Connected Future»OTELOCalization and analytics on-demand embedded in the 5G ecosystem, for Ubiquitous vertical applicationS: The Case of LOCUS ProjectDisseminationAthens26 November 2019
ACM/IEEE IPSN 2020NECGroup-In: Group Inference from Wireless Traces of Mobile DevicesDissemin.VirtualApril 21-24, 2020
ECAI 2020NECSpotlight Tutorial: Combining IoT and ML for Situation ClassificationTutorialVirtual05-Sep-20
1st Post-IRACON MeetingUMALocation-Aware Compensation System for Load Balancing in Cellular NetworksDisseminationVirtualSeptember 14, 2020
URSI 2020 UMAFusion of LTE and UWB ranges for trilateration Participation to a national conferenceVirtualSeptember 3, 2020
 URSI 2020 UMAPredicción de métricas de red celular basada en información socialParticipation to a national conferenceVirtualSeptember 4, 2020
 URSI 2020 UMAAnálisis del efecto del número de beams sobre un escenario 5GParticipation to a national conferenceVirtualSeptember 4, 2020
 URSI 2020 UMASistema de Compensación de Eventos Sociales en Redes Celulares Basado en Balanceo de CargaParticipation to a national conferenceVirtualSeptember 4, 2020
 URSI 2020 UMASonda experimental de monitorización de redes móviles para eventos.Participation to a national conferenceVirtualSeptember 4, 2020
5GPPP Technical Board WorkshopNXWLocalization analytics as a service platform for Smart 5G Network ManagementPresentationVirtualDecember 9, 2020
IEEE Radio Communications CommitteeCNITLocalization-of-Things in 5G EcosystemInvited TalkVirtualJanuary 8, 2021
WiLab - Huawei JIC Workshop on "Intelligent IoT for 6G"CNITSecurity and Privacy in 5G and Beyond: False Myths and Emerging Challenges" - Giuseppe Bianchi, CNIT/University Rome Tor Vergata, ITPresentationVirtualJanuary 11, 2021
POST-IRACON COSTCNITLocalization-of-Things in the 5G EcosystemKeynote speechVirtualFebruary 8, 2021
IEEE WCNC 2021CNITIntegration of Radar Sensing and CommunicationsPanelVirtualMarch 30, 2021
IEEE SECON 2021CNIT, ERIOrganization and Keynote SpeechVirtualJuly 8, 2021
IEEE WF-IoT 2021NECTopical track on computingTopical trackHybrid (New Orleans)July 12, 2021