Dissemination – Journal Papers

A Context-Aware Data-Driven Algorithm for Small Cell Site Selection in Cellular NetworksJuan Luis Bejarano Luque, Matías Toril, Mariano Fernández Navarro, Antonio Jesús García, Salvador Luna RamírezIEEE Access
Spectrum Occupancy and Interference Model based on Network Experimentations in HospitalLorenzo Mucchi, Risto Vuohtoniemi, Hasnain Virk, Andrea Conti, Matti Hamalainen, Jari Iinatti, Moe Z. WinIEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
A Sparse Learning Approach to the Detection of Multiple Noise-Like JammersLinjie Yan, Pia Addabbo, Yuxuan Zhang, Chengpeng Hao, Jun Liu, Jian Li, Danilo OrlandoIEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
Pencil Beamforming Increases Human Exposure to ElectroMagnetic Fields'': True or False?Luca Chiaraviglio, Simone Rossetti, Sara Saida, Stefania Bartoletti, Nicola Blefari-MelazziIEEE Access
Radio Positioning with EM Processing of the Spherical WavefrontFrancesco Guidi, Davide DardariIEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
Location-Awareness for Failure Management in Cellular Networks: An Integrated ApproachS. Fortes, C. Baena, J. Villegas, E. Baena, M. Asghar, R.BarcoSENSORS
Social-Aware Forecasting for Cellular Networks MetricsJ. Villegas, E. Baena, S. Fortes, R. BarcoIEEE Communications Letters
Location-aware Wireless Resource Allocation in Industrial-like EnvironmentMaurizio Rea, Domenico GiustinianoIEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing
Location-based Analytics in 5G and BeyondStefania Bartoletti, Luca Chiaraviglio, Sergio Fortes, Takai Eddine Kennouche, Gurkan Solmaz, Giacomo Bernini, Domenico Giustiniano, Joerg Widmer, Raquel Barco, Giuseppe Siracusano, Andrea Conti, and Nicola Blefari MelazziIEEE Communications Magazine
5G and beyond for contact tracingDomenico Giustiniano, Giuseppe Bianchi, Andrea Conti, Stefania Bartoletti, and Nicola Blefari MelazziIEEE Communication Magazine - Special issue on Networking Technologies to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic
Design and Experimental Assessment of Detection Schemes for Air Interface Attacks in Adverse ScenariosDanilo Orlando, Ivan Palama, Stefania Bartoletti, Giuseppe
Bianchi, and Nicola Blefari Melazzi
IEEE Wireless Communication Letters
High-Speed Millimeter-Wave Mobile Experimentation on Software-Defined Radios
Jesus O. Lacruz, Dolores Garcia, Pablo Jimenez, Joan Palacios and Joerg WidmerACM GetMobile magazine
Mass tracking in cellular networks for the Covid-19 pandemic monitoring
Emil J. Khatib, María Jesús Perles Roselló, Jesús Miranda-Páez, Victoriano Giralt, Raquel BarcoIEEE Communications
Opportunistic fusion of ranges from different sources for indoor positioning
Carlos Álvarez Merino, Hao Qiang Luo Chen, Emil J. Khatib, Raquel BarcoIEEE Communications Letters
Social-Aware Load balancing System for Crowds in Cellular Networks
Renato Torres, Sergio Fortes, Eduardo Baena, Raquel BarcoIEEE Access
Channel Classification Scheme Accounting for Nakagami-m
Shadowing and FTR Model
Chaoran Yin, Gaetano Giunta, Danilo Orlando, Chengpeng Hao, and Chaohuan HouIEEE Wireless Communication Letters